Professional-grade GPS app for smartphones

GPS-Trk Mini - GPS-Trk Net mode only

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GPS-Trk - Stand alone mode, GPS-Trk Net mode

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High-End, Simple
High-End features packed into simple clean UI. High-end, yet easy-to-use for everyone.
Long hours, Long distance, Low power
Several days continuously, around the earth. Six years track record as trusted smartphone GPS app.
Import Export
Import, export track file in KML, KMZ, eKML, eKMZ, GPX format via email attachment, Dropbox. See the track with Google Maps on PC.
Store all past tracks
Store all past tracks of several years on smartphone. Effectively, you never have to delete tracks to save space.
GPS-Trk Net mode
Other users can watch your track (with POI photos) remotely in real-time on web browser.
[GPS-Trk Net mode is optional. You can use GPS-Trk as first-class, conventional GPS app, too.]
Smartphone & Tablet
Both smartphone and tablet versions in single app.




Android Tablet

Import Export

GPS-Trk can import, export track file in KML, KMZ, eKML, eKMZ and GPX file formats.

Import - Transfer data from other devices (other smartphone, PC, Mac) into GPS-Trk.
Export - Transfer data from GPS-Trk to other devices (other smartphone, PC, Mac).

KMZ, eKMZ contains POI photos. Other formats don't contain POI photo


I can't get location from GPS.

In Settings app, go to 'Privacy / Location Services'. Set 'Location Services' to ON and 'GPS-Trk' to 'Always'.

In Settings app, go to 'Location access'. Set 'Access my location' to ON.

Does it work outside of cellular network?

GPS track recording works anywhere on Earth (e.g. mountain, sea), without network (4G, Wi-Fi).

[Without network, initial GPS fix may take several minutes. ]

OpenStreetMap and its variants work without network with Offline Map Cache. Other on-line maps require network.

Does it support Offline Map Cache?

Yes, offline map cache is supported for OpenStreetMap and its variants.
You can use GPS-Trk with offline map, even in foreign country (without roaming) or outside of cell network (sea, mountain etc.) anywhere on Earth.

  1. Go to Map screen and press Menu button.
  2. Select 'OSM' or its variants. Press 'OK'.
  3. Scroll and zoom the map so that the desired map area is displayed.
  4. Press Menu button and press 'Cache' button.