GPS-Trk Net

GPS cloud service that works with GPS-Trk app on iOS / Android smartphone.
During adventures (climbing, biking, airplane, ship) or business (fleet management), your friends, support team can watch your movement.


Remote, Real-time
The user records track (movement, photos) with GPS-Trk app.
The other users can watch the track moves remotely in real-time with any web browser.
Entire Track Path & Photo
Not just current point. Entire track path (with POI photos, speed, altitude) is shown.
You choose who can view your track. (Private, Shared, Public)
[Private, Shared requires subscription. Public is free. Show it to the world!]
Two Ways
1. You carry smartphone and the other users watch your track.
2. You put smartphone on target and you monitor its track with Web browser.
Legendary Reliability
Inherits legendary reliability of GPS-Trk. Several days continuously, around the earth, low power.
Seamless solution from smartphone app to cloud server and web viewer.
No integration, maintenance necessary. Just works.